about loulou des indes

At Loulou des Indes we celebrate hand-made textiles by creating kidswear entirely made by hand. Our goal is to make collections that children love and that support the communities of Indian weavers we partner with. 

From the earliest times humans have learned to stretch a grid of warp and weft on a loom and transform it into souple cloth thanks to the patient work of the hand. To help preserve those ageless crafts we work alongside artisans in India to create beautiful cotton fabrics using traditional weaving techniques.

Our collections are carefully cut and stitched in our atelier in Delhi and are of exceptional quality. Like all things well made they last for years, softening and embellishing after each wash, continuing their story with the next child.

Loulou des Indes. Weaving stories for the next generation.


About Loulou des Indes’ fabrics


Most Loulou des Indes fabrics are khadi: they are handwoven with yarn spun by hand. Khadi fabrics have a distinctive, slightly irregular texture that reveals their handmade origin. Our khadis are woven in Bengal.


Ikats occupy a prominent place in Loulou des Indes collections. Their patterns spread within imprecise borders along warp and sometimes weft, as if pulsating. This characteristic effect is obtained by tying and dyeing the yarns according to the desired pattern before stretching them on the loom and weaving the cloth. Loulou des Indes ikats are woven in villages in Telangana, the region around Hyderabad, renowned for its ikat production.


Jamdanis bring a delicate, refined touch to Loulou des Indes collections. In a Jamdani weave each motif is added by hand to the base fabric by interlacing the weft threads into the warp using a bamboo stick, a slow process that requires experience and dexterity. Each coloured dot on our jamdani fabrics is thus added one at a time to the base fabric as the artisan weaves. Jamdani is a typical Bengali technique and Loulou des Indes’ jamdanis are woven in Bengal.