about loulou des indes

At loulou des indes we are enraptured by objects, no matter how simple, made by the human hand. We sense they carry the stories of the artisans who made them and silently but profoundly connect us with their makers.
This is why we create clothes for children and for women in fabrics woven by hand in Indian villages. We stitch and sometimes embroider them, always by hand, in an airy atelier in Delhi where a group of highly qualified tailors work with great care. Among happy chatter and in-between tea breaks they bring loulou des indes collections to life.
We make pieces that are beautiful and practical, in a style that emanates from our own French roots, blending the artisans’ stories with ours and passing them on to you and your children to continue.
We give our craftsmen time to make sure each step in the production process is accomplished purposely and we produce very small quantities because we value uniqueness and uniformity bores us. New styles come up regularly throughout the year and are available on louloudesindes.com. When a style is sold-out we don’t make it again.


And because we want to pay our craftsmen a fair price for their work while keeping our prices reasonable we keep our overheads as low as possible, which is why we sell exclusively on our website. From us directly to you.